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  • Need to Register Your Trademark in a Hurry? No Problem! We created a fast and easy way for you to register the trademark for your new product or business with the help of experienced trademark attorneys (that’d be us!).

  • Too many small business owners and entrepreneurs are going about their business (literally) without the legal counsel they need because they’re afraid it will cost them a gajillion dollars. This just in: it won’t. Well, with us that is.

    Annual Program
  • As an entrepreneur, online or offline, you probably have legal problems that you aren’t even aware of. Your simple customer agreement, handshake deal with subcontractors or lack of terms and conditions for your website may be (majorly) exposing you to (major) liability.

    Small Business Bodyguard

You’ve built a business you love.

You have amazing clients, you shell out rock-solid services and products, and you have a vision for your business that’s actually unique.

In a nutshell: you know your stuff.

But the even more impressive thing? You did this yourself.

You bootstrapped your company’s growth or did whatever it took to raise money (begging?). You put in thousands of hours of hard work and consumed equal amounts of takeout food. And it’s paid off. The opportunities from your hustle are unfolding faster than you can say “Chicken Pad Thai extra spicy.”

This is great news. But it also means that you’re wildly busy. So much so that you may be blind to the legal pitfalls you’re prone to now that your business is thriving.

Cue: Jaws theme song.

This is where we come in, like a sparkly guardian angel sent to save you before you even need saving (the best kind of legal help is proactive, no?). Rachel Rodgers Law Office is primed to get you the legal advice you need to do things like, oh, I dunno…

  • Protect and capitalize on your intellectual property
  • Guard your cash flow
  • Minimize the risk of a business opportunity you may be exploring

Our favorite thing is to help digital entrepreneurs and small business owners safeguard the businesses they’ve worked so hard to build (AKA check themselves before they wreck themselves.)

We just so happen to have more in common than you think. As a lawyer who also works in the digital space, we’re pretty jazzed to partner with you and stand side by side as you rock your business’ world. The best part? We can help you without breaking your bank. Find out how.


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