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About Rachel Rodgers Law Office

We work with digital entrepreneurs and small business owners to anticipate and protect the legal needs of your business so that you can accomplish your goals and achieve the lifestyle you hoped for when you started your company.

It’s still a bit of the Wild, Wild West out here on the Internet. And if you’ve ever needed the services of a lawyer, then you know this to be true: traditional law firms don’t “get” online business.

We understand online businesses because we run one ourselves.

We decided to focus our law practice to serving the needs of businesses that primarily work online when, before Rachel became a lawyer, she experienced firsthand how difficult working with traditional law firms could be. Having to leave work early so she could talk to an attorney, or being talked down to as if she wasn’t smart enough to understand the law or make a decision about the legal aspects of her life, all the while being charged for every minute. Those negatives experiences shaped the kind of services and approach we offer to our clients.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to get the legal advice you need to protect and grow your business.

This is what we believe:

  • You deserve great service. As working moms, we understand the need for flexibility. Our firm gives you that and more. We’re available via a secure, online portal to discuss your legal needs on a schedule that fits your life. We will meet with you via telephone or Skype so where you’re located physically doesn’t matter; we can still talk.
  • Lawyers are a part of your business team. Just like your accountant or banker, a good lawyer is a resource you should be able to count on to brainstorm ideas and validate new opportunities.
  • Legal advice should be easy to understand. We explain your legal options in everyday English, respecting that since it’s your business, you need to fully understand your options so that you can decide what makes sense for you and your company.

So what type of work do we do? Here is a small sample of work we’ve done for our clients:

  • Secured foreign trademark rights for a technology start up.
  • Handled a trademark purchase for an energy drink company.
  • Helped a natural skin care company take on new investors.
  • Helped a young hairstylist purchase her first salon.
  • Handled cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trials & Appeals Board for a tech startup
  • Formed a non-profit for a young professionals organization.
  • Drafted client agreements for a public relations company.
  • Assisted a media company in complying with new anti-spam laws.

Learn how we can help your amazing business plans come to life and protect your ideas, ventures and brands.


Your Legal Team

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Rachel Rodgers is the founder and driving force of Rachel Rodgers Law Office.

Prior to forming Rachel Rodgers Law Office, Rachel served as Judicial Law Clerk to the Honorable James A. Farber in New Jersey Superior Court. Rachel received her J.D. from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York and has a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution, also from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. She’s been admitted to the Bar in both New York and New Jersey.

Before law school, Rachel worked for nonprofits in New York, at a premier lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. and on Capitol Hill in the Senate office of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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SBB Headshots 1 croppedElizabeth Ragavanis is our Associate Attorney.

Elizabeth took the road less travelled to become a lawyer.  She began her career in television production and book publishing before following her heart to law school (and yes, she realizes it usually goes the other way.)  Elizabeth studied at St. John’s University School of Law concentrating on Internet law, technology, and intellectual property.

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Tressa headshotTressa Beheim is our Operations Manager and Client Concierge.

In other words, she’s the one who keep us all in line. She manages the back office here at Rachel Rodgers Law Office as well as our customer service.

Tressa comes from a traditional corporate background but decided to branch out into online-based businesses after having children and completing her MBA at the University of Phoenix.

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Want to find out what services we offer? Learn how we can help your amazing business plans come to life and protect your ideas, ventures and brands.