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Our goal is to help small business owners start and grow successful businesses. We add value to your business at every stage by increasing the value of your business and minimizing the risks in growing and managing your business. And we do all of this in a way that conveniently fits your schedule and while offering excellent customer service.

Our Annual Programs for Digital Entrepreneurs

Our annual programs are the most holistic way to work with us.

Our annual programs include all the different legal services and support you need throughout the year, but instead of making it rain every time your company has a legal need ($$$), your legal fees are spread out throughout the year. You’ll pay a gloriously predictable (and reasonable), flat monthly fee. In exchange, you’ll get an experienced legal team who knows their stuff AND also understands your business at your disposal … for all of your legal needs. That includes any legal questions you have, whenever you have them. Yes, really. (We call it “Lawyer On Demand,” catchy right?)

BloodhoundOur company is an early-stage tech startup finding its way, so we’re constantly switching stuff up about how our product works and how we do business. Having Rachel always on hand has played an important part in our ability to maneuver quickly and with confidence.

-Doug Blumeyer, Operations Manager

Our Annual Programs for Digital Entrepreneurs come in four handy levels of service depending on the size and structure of your company.  The services included in each level are based on our years of experience serving (and saving) digital entrepreneurs and tech startups. In other words, this program includes exactly what you need because we know what we’re doing. The Annual Programs for Digital Entrepreneurs start at only $1,000/month.

Please note: We are pretty damn serious about  offering excellent customer service so we won’t take on more annual clients than we can serve exceedingly well. We still have a few spots available at each level for 2014, so if you know the annual program is right for you, click here to get started and beat everyone else to the chase. 

Need a Legal Consultation?

Whether you have a question or need advice on how to get your legal affairs in order, a Legal Consultation is a great place to start.  In this session, you can obtain the legal advice you need to determine how to protect your revenue and limit your risks. You’ll get your questions answered and determine what actions you need to take to protect your business for only $350. If you have specific questions about the legal side of managing your business, click here to learn more and purchase a Legal Consultation.

Need a Lawyer for Your Growing Business?

If you have been in business for a while, you know you need an attorney on your team to protect the company you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into building. You also need a lawyer to advise you when pursuing new opportunities for growth.

Here are some of the a la carte legal needs we can handle for you:

  • Business entity formation - whether LLC, S-Corp, 501(c)(3) or other form;
  • Create contracts – between your company and your employees, clients, vendors, partners and anyone else with whom you do business;
  • Manage your intellectual property – including securing your trademarks and copyrights and other intellectual property transactions;
  • Assist you with a business sale or purchase -  from taking on a new investor to purchasing a brick-and-mortar business; and
  • Help you negotiate deals and resolve business disputes.

RyanI loved working with Rachel to secure a trademark for our company. There are so many things to consider when filing and lots of confusing paperwork. Rachel broke everything down for me so I understood and her team did all of the heavy lifting so I could focus on growing my business.

-Ryan Paugh, Co-Founder

You can purchase the specific service you need for a one-time flat fee (no billable hours here!) or sign up for one of our Annual Programs for Digital Entrepreneurs.

Need a Lawyer for Your New Startup?

If you are starting a brand new business and operating on a shoestring budget, we offer convenient unbundled services (meaning you purchase only the help you need) that can make it easier for you to handle your company’s legal needs at this stage.

Here are our unbundled services:

  • Legal Document Review. If you have created your own legal documents or have a contract, lease or other legal document that you are considering entering in to and would like an attorney’s opinion before you sign on the dotted line, Legal Document Review is for you. Send us your legal documents through our secure Online Law Office and we will provide you with a plain English interpretation of the document, let you know what’s missing and what to watch out for. This service starts at $600 for a simple document under 10 pages. Register for the Online Law Office to request your Legal Document Review.
  • Small Business Bodyguard™. As an entrepreneur, online or offline, you probably have legal problems that you aren’t even aware of. Your simple customer agreement, handshake deal with subcontractors or lack of terms and conditions for your website may be (majorly) exposing you to (major) liability. That’s exactly why we created Small Business Bodyguard™ to give you the information and tools you need to take care of the legal leaks in your business that are costing you tons of time, money and peace of mind. Click here to learn more about Small Business Bodyguard.

Krystle Cobran

I needed to talk with a lawyer I could trust. Someone honest, engaging, and supportive. Rachel Rodgers was that, plus an incredible entrepreneurial resource. Get to know her staff, they’re incredible too. You will get much more than what you pay for.

-Krystle Cobran, Founder

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